Why my best creative IDEAS come in the shower!

Some of my best, most creative, mind-blowing ideas come to me in the shower…

In the midst of the peace and quiet of my sudsy and warm reprieve I’d have a sudden stroke of genius. I’d leave the shower inspired and ready to start my day!

And then, here is what would happen next…

I’d start rushing around, gulping down my coffee and dumping things into backpacks and work bags. On good days, that brilliant bit of inspiration would get jotted down in my notebook before I’d start in on emails or my meeting schedule for the day. In most cases, the day and its priorities would take over and those brilliant ideas would never make it as far as my notebook. My to-do list of responsibilities would kick-in and I’d be off and running.

Whether it was the warmth of the shower, the wonderful smell of my soap and shampoo or the fact that I had a little peace and solitude (it’s one of the only places I can’t multi-task ?). The shower was where my inspiration came to life. Quite simply, the magic of the shower for me is that it’s EASY. The minute all the WORK started it was all over. When I stepped out of the shower and into life, I was tired, stressed, easily aggravated and BUSY.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Are you more BUSY than INSPIRED? Maybe you don’t find the shower as mystical as I do – but I’ll bet there is a place where your inspiration also shines brightly!!  Maybe while enjoying time in nature, or taking a walk, or having a rest…?

Here’s what I’ve learned about being calm, efficient and inspired…

Throwing ourselves into work and the to-do lists of our busy lives is simply not effective and is, quite frankly, exhausting. We are losing track of our inspiration, intuition and our INNER GUIDE. So, the answer can’t be to WORK harder. The answer is that we need to create more EASE.

I’ll bet you’re thinking this is easier 😉 said than done (and you are quite correct that I can’t spend my day in the shower).

So, let’s start with some small steps:

  • When you’re eating, enjoy eating.  Don’t look at your phone, the TV, a book or magazine. Sit in a chair at a table and eat your meal. Notice the colours of the food on your plate, the taste and texture of the food in your mouth. Feel gratitude for the love that went in to making the meal and for the farmers that grew the food.
  • As you wash your dishes, stay aware.  Notice the colours and patterns on your plate. Feel the warmth of the water on your hands, the scent of the soap.
  • While waiting in line at the store, notice your feet on the floor, the sound of the music in the background, the colour of the coat of the person in front of you.
  • If stuck in traffic, notice the trees along the roadside and the birds in them. Enjoy some soft music on the radio or a game of I-spy with your kids.

Can you think of others? Think of any mundane task, the ones where you’re tempted to fill your time with something more “productive”. The simplest place to start are those places that you think of as time wasters. Those places where you think you might be inclined to fill in the gaps with a personal development book or podcast or catching up on emails. Look to those places where you become annoyed or impatient because you have so many other important things to do…..

It’s in these places that you can recapture your “shower moments”. Where your inner voice, inspiration or intuition can take hold, and share magical blessings, if only you’re quiet enough to hear it.

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