Yogesh uses the time-tested practices of Ayurveda, Massage and Eastern Energy Work (Marma Therapy) to create a unique treatment based on your personal needs.

Treatments are a healing relationship that evolve and deepen over time.

Yogesh performing an ayurvedic massage

Our Menu of Effective Ayurvedic Massage and Treatments

Regular ayurvedic massages are an essential part of effective herbal therapy!  Massage facilitates the circulation of lymph, blood, energy, rejuvenating herbs and aids in the removal of toxins.

Calm your body, mind and senses while stimulating detoxification and supporting a strong immunity. 
Each treatment is a highly personalized experienced with an experienced Ayurvedic and Marma Therapy practitioner.

VATA MASSAGE a gentle, slow, warming and nurturing massage.  Excellent to balance chronic cold, dryness, pain, nervousness, anxiety, headaches and worry.  Rejuvenating and nourishing!  With Yogesh Van Acker

PITTA MASSAGE a moderate, cooling and soothing massage. Excellent to balance, heat, inflammation, anger, irritability, migraines and intense mental strain.  Calming and tranquil!  With Yogesh Van Acker

KAPHA MASSAGE a strong, vigorous and stimulating massage. Excellent to balance cold, heaviness, stagnation, dullness and depression.  Invigorating and energizing!  With Yogesh Van Acker

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE providing relief for active minds, discomfort in the head, neck, upper chest, shoulders, and face through a relaxing neck and shoulder massage, an invigorating scalp massage and a skin rejuvenating face treatment.  

The Power of Ayurvedic Herbal Oils

  • Massages are traditionally performed on a massage table with a personalized selection of warmed herbal oils.
  • Through the application of oils and rejuvenating massage our treatments relax the body and mind while energizing your circulatory and lymphatic systems.
  • The quantity and type of oil is adjusted based on individual needs and preferences.

 a combination of energy-work integrated with the subtle wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga.  This is a powerful energetic massage which opens and moves Prana (life energy) through the nadis (channels).  Excellent to balance energy that is blocked in the body by emotional and mental stress.  

All treatments may include the use of organic herbal oils, essential oils and aromatherapy.

  • 60 min treatments: $95 + hst
  • 90 min treatments: $125 + hst

THAI YOGA MASSAGE is a healing art performed on the floor, lying on a padded mat. Yogesh, supports you through gentle stretching, helping your body loosen and open to relieve tension, enhance flexibility and increase range of motion. You could call it “lazy yoga” 🙂

Traditional techniques such as Ayurvedic marma therapy (acupressure) and energizing breathing practices may also be incorporated. Throughout the treatment you remain fully clothed and no massage oils are used. (Healing essential oils may be applied if agreed upon.)

Awaken the natural, healing flow of energy throughout your body. Unblocking channels and stimulating movement through your circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems will promote natural immunity and restore a refreshed, ready-to-go feeling.  

  • 60 min treatments: $95 + hst
  • 90 min treatments: $125 + hst

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