Ayurveda Consultations


A proven and effective natural medicine healing the root of cause of your suffering!

Ayurveda’s all reaching influence can address the most common, chronic and acute ailments; depression, allergies, pain, headaches and migraine, obesity, food intolerance, skin disease, immunity disorders, fatigue, menstrual complaints, insomnia, nervous complaints, mental imbalance and emotional instability.

Ayurveda Food For Consultation


“I have been working with Shankari and Yogesh for the past year and am very grateful for this life-changing experience! They have recommended small, accessible lifestyle and dietary changes and the result has brought a greater sense of peace and grounding. Their Ayurvedic recommendations gives each person the tools needed to change the inner body so as to affect change in their outer world. I am a happier and healthier version of myself. Much thanks Shankari and Yogesh!”


– Laura Meren, London ON

“After wasting time at the doctor and money on homeopathy and naturopathy, our clients finally understand the cause of their suffering and experience real change through Ayurveda.”

Ayurveda Consultation Pricing

Initial Consultation:
$175+hst (includes one follow-up)

Follow-Up Consultations:

Initial Consultation:
$175+hst (includes one follow-up)

Ayurvedic Astrology Consultation:
$175+hst (for a more personalized and comprehensive consultation)



“Yogesh and Shankari are not only extremely knowledgeable about Ayurveda, they are practical and live what they teach. They are also fun, kind and loving—bringing innumerable gifts to anyone in their presence. I have benefited both from their instruction, and the manner in which they give it. It is a privilege to be around them.”


– Susan Fishman, Phoenix AZ



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