Gentle Yoga Classes in London Ontario

Yoga Classes for Seniors, Beginners & Experienced Students

Our gentle and rejuvenating Yoga Lessons are taught by experienced teachers trained in both Yoga and its sister-science of Ayurveda

Gentle stretching and breathing helps to naturally alleviate anxiety, stress and depression while strengthening personal immunity and energy.

Enjoy a class supporting each student at their own level and pace, taking into account the time of day and season of year to provide a fully holistic wellness experience.

Yoga Education with Yogesh teaching a gentle yoga class

Yoga Schedule

In our North London Studio
Monday 9:30 – 11:00am
Tuesday 9:30-11:00am
Tuesday 7:00-8:30pm
Thursday 9:30-11:00am

Wednesday 9:30-11:00am

Gentle yoga in the park with Yogesh


6 Week Sessions
90 minute class $195+hst

Pick a date and time that works for you!
Class sessions can be joined anytime.

Make a commitment to your health and well-being.

Gentle Yoga AT THE CORE in London Ontario

Yoga & Meditation

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Mondays 7:00-8:30pm

Wednesday 7:00-8:30pm

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Many Class Times Available in our North London Yoga Studio
Join us to gently increase strength, flexibility, adaptability, peace and relaxation. For any level of experience. 

Small Classes for Beginners with No Headstands Here!

The slow and easy movements have an emphasis on breath and body awareness allowing benefit for anyone at any level of health, experience, strength or flexibility…..

Yogesh has taught classes for the elderly, for those with MS and other degenerative diseases.  And his extensive Ayurvedic training and Thai Massage experience allows for keen diagnosis to meet the needs of each and every participant.

Yogesh teaching a gentle yoga class for beginners in London ON
Yogesh from AT THE CORE teaching gentle yoga

Experiencing Gentle Ayurvedic Yoga Asana

Ayurvedic Yoga, an ancient practice rooted in the holistic principles of Ayurveda, harmonizes the body, mind, and spirit, promoting profound healing and well-being. This unique form of yoga meticulously aligns asanas with Ayurvedic wisdom, considering the individual’s dosha (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) to foster balance and address specific health concerns. For instance, grounding poses soothe Vata’s anxiety, while cooling asanas pacify Pitta’s heat, and dynamic movements invigorate Kapha’s lethargy. Beyond physical postures, Ayurvedic Yoga integrates mindfulness, breath work, and meditation, deepening the connection with nature and enhancing overall health. By tailoring practices to seasonal and daily rhythms, and focusing on the individual’s constitution, Ayurvedic Healing through yoga offers a personalized path to wellness, addressing root causes of imbalance and nurturing holistic harmony.

FAQ for Gentle Yoga Classes

AT THE CORE shares a practice of gentle yoga that focuses on slow, mindful movements, breath awareness, and relaxation. Our small and personalized classes are suitable for all levels, including beginners, seniors, or individuals with physical limitations.  

Our Gentle yoga classes with Yogesh are proven to improve flexibility, strength, balance, and mobility. Gentle yoga also promotes lasting relaxation, stress reduction, and mental clarity. Gentle Yoga can be therapeutic for various conditions like arthritis, insomnia, chronic pain, or anxiety, frustration and tension.

No, our gentle yoga classes are suitable for beginners and experienced students alike. Yogesh draws from his over 15 years of experience to share a pace that is ideal for all levels.  And his personalized modifications accommodate different levels of flexibility and mobility.

Wear comfortable, breathable clothing that allows for easy movement. Avoid clothing that is too tight or restrictive, or too loose.  Dressing in layers is ideal.

For hygiene purposes, we do recommended that you bring your own yoga mat. However, we do have some mats available for student use. You can inquire about mat availability when signing up for the class.

It’s best to avoid heavy meals or too much liquids immediately before a yoga class. A light snack or a meal a couple of hours before the class is fine.  We recommend bringing a water bottle to support hydration as needed, but we also have a spring water cooler available.

A typical gentle yoga class begins with centering and breath awareness, followed by easy warm-up movements to warm and prepare the body for the class pose explorations. Yogesh will guide you through a series of seated, standing, and reclining poses, emphasizing safe alignment and breath awareness. The class usually ends with a guided relaxation.

It’s essential to consult with your healthcare provider before starting any new exercise regimen, including gentle yoga. When you register, inform us about any medical conditions or injuries, so we can provide modifications or alternative poses as needed to ensure your safety and comfort.

The frequency of attending gentle yoga classes depends on your personal goals, schedule, and physical condition. Practicing yoga regularly, even just a few times a week, can yield significant benefits. Listen to your body and adjust your practice accordingly.  Those that practice consistently, experience the greatest benefits.  Try a complimentary class and hear from our long-time students about the benefits they continue to experience.

Warm Words from our Yoga Students

“I love to attend yoga class with great regularity. I am constantly surprised that my body, as I age, has become increasingly flexible and supple. That was never my strength. I’m often caught expressing, out loud, in class ‘I’ve never done this before!’ .

I always feel energized and yet more calm and focused after every practice. And the group class also provides a wonderful community of support. What more could you ask for!”

– Gail Forsyth, London, ON

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If you perform Yoga asanas regularly, you will feel more flexible physically and emotionally. Flexibility is the essential difference between the vitality of youth and the lassitude of old age. Here is a yogic expression that we find inspiring: “Infinite flexibility is the secret to immortality.

― Deepak Chopra, from The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga: A Practical Guide to Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit


Learn an easy meditation practice.
Along with tips, strategies and trouble-shooting tips to help you establish a consistent routine to experience maximum benefits.