Increase peace, strength, calm and flexibility!

Gentle Yoga Classes

Our gentle and rejuvenating Yoga Classes are taught by experienced teachers trained in both Yoga and its sister-science of Ayurveda

Enjoy a class supporting each student at their own level and pace, taking into account the time of day and season of year to provide a fully holistic wellness experience.


Online or in person!
Join us to increase strength, flexibility, adaptability, peace and relaxation. For any level of experience. 

No Headstands Here!

The slow and easy movements have an emphasis on breath and body awareness allowing benefit for anyone at any level of health, experience, strength or flexibility.

Looking to Tone & Strengthen?
Try our specially designed flow class.  Move, sweat & stretch!

Small Classes!

Yogesh has taught classes for the elderly, for those with MS and other degenerative diseases.  And his extensive Ayurvedic training and Thai Massage experience allows for keen diagnosis to meet the needs of each and every participant.

Kim has been an enthusiastic student of Yoga and Ayurveda for over 10 years.  As a teacher and practitioner she brings a special level of compassion and understanding to all her classes.


Yogesh Van Acker shares Gentle Yoga Asana AT THE CORE


1. Choose Your Classes

6 week sessions / start anytime

Wednesday 9:30am (90 min)

Gentle Yoga with Yogesh

Wednesday 7:00pm (90 min)

Gentle Yoga with Yogesh

Thursday 9:30am (90 minutes)

Gentle Yoga with Yogesh

Monday 7:00pm (90 minutes)

Yoga & Meditation with Yogesh

Thursday 5:30pm (60 minutes)

Online Yoga with Kim

Thursday 7:00pm (90 minutes)

Gentle Yoga with Kim

2. Submit Your Payment

[email protected] for classes with Yogesh
[email protected] for classes with Kim

3. Complete Your Registration Form (new students)

Yoga Classes for Anyone!


We create a safe environment steeped with the support and teachings of traditional Yoga (not only physical poses). This ensures you heal, transform and grow based on your needs and pace!


Each class is designed taking into account the time of day and time of year as we learn to work with the subtle teachings of Ayurveda and honour our connections with nature and environment.


Our flexible environment and class schedule allows us to accommodate everyone, including shift-workers.
(No drop-in classes.  Lasting change deserves at least a 6 week commitment 😉

Register for a Complimentary Yoga Class

Sleep better, increase flexibility and strength, reduce aches and pains. Feel Happier!

Yoga is not a competition, an exercise or something to be mastered!
Yoga is a journey of compassionate self-exploration through your body, your breath and your mind!
An experienced, mature and thoughtful guide is essential along the path!

Warm Words

“I love to attend yoga class with great regularity. I am constantly surprised that my body, as I age, has become increasingly flexible and supple. That was never my strength. I’m often caught expressing, out loud, in class ‘I’ve never done this before!’ I always feel energized and yet more calm and focused after every practice. And the group class also provides a wonderful community of support. What more could you ask for!”

– Gail Forsyth

Yoga in Action

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Extraordinary Support

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Our dedicated community of students and clients prove our effective and lasting results. See for yourself how meaningful change is possible AT THE CORE!

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