our location

485 Grangeover Crescent, London ON N6G 4P7

Why do we operate from our home?

  • This allows us to keep our over-head low and pass those cost savings on to our clients and students.  We have not raised most of our fees in years!
  • We live what we share and teach.  We hope you can see this in our home and that it acts to inspire and motivate!
  • Our time and effort are valuable resources.  We find working from home supports a life of calm, peace and ease.  And gives us more time and energy for our self-care, our family, our students and clients…..

It is our joy to bring the benefits of Easy Seasonal Living to our home community.

  • Yoga & Meditation Studio
  • School of Vedic Sciences
  • Ayurvedic Kitchen
  • Herbal Walks and Study
  • Wellness Retreat Centre
  • Natural Treatment Spa
  • Personal Healing Consultations

Extraordinary Support

Ready for a Change?

Our dedicated community of students and clients prove our effective and lasting results. See for yourself how meaningful change is possible AT THE CORE!

ONLINE TALKLearn which foods are ideal to nourish your main bodily tissues!


Ayurveda and the Dhatus!

➤ Includes handy-dandy food list
➤ Live talk and recorded video

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