485 Grangeover Crescent, London ON N6G 4P7

Why do we operate from our home?


  • This allows us to keep our over-head low and pass those cost savings on to our clients and students.  We have not raised most of our fees in years!
  • We live what we share and teach.  We hope you can see this in our home and that it acts to inspire and motivate!
  • Our time and effort are valuable resources.  We find working from home supports a life of calm, peace and ease.  And gives us more time and energy for our self-care, our family, our students and clients…..

It is our joy to bring the benefits of Easy Natural Living to our local communities.

  • Yoga & Meditation Studio
  • School of Vedic Sciences
  • Ayurvedic Kitchen
  • Herbal Walks and Study
  • Wellness Retreat Centre
  • Natural Treatment Spa
  • Personal Healing Consultations


Ready for a Change?

Our dedicated community of students and clients prove our effective and lasting results. See for yourself how meaningful change is possible AT THE CORE!