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AT THE CORE teaches effective Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda in London Ontario!

We are Shankari & Yogesh, everyday people sharing the time-tested tools and strategies of Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation to help you cope, grow and thrive through everyday life!

We both spent many years in busy careers; Shankari in the hectic banking industry and Yogesh with a stressful policing career giving us much understanding and empathy with what life can throw at you…

AT THE CORE teaches classes and courses from our home Wellness Studio and Boutique Spa. We offer gentle Yoga and easy Meditation Classes!  And fun and inspiring Courses that are easy, convenient and really work. We share Ayurvedic Cooking classes and a full selection of Ayurvedic Treatments and Thai Yoga Massage.


Change is possible!  

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Authentic and Modern Tools & Strategies

Yoga, Ayurveda & Meditation

Staying Happy, Healthy & Connected!

During unsettling times, self-care while staying positive and connected is more important than ever! Book your COMPLIMENTARY 30 minute Wellness Chat with Yogesh or Shankari to support and maintain your physical, energetic, emotional or mental health!
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Warm Words

“AT THE CORE has been helpful in understanding the chaos I feel inside and out. Shankari and Yogesh kindly showed me how to get out of my own way through Ayurveda and Meditation by sharing their life experiences and allowing me to have my own. Through their encouragement, support and my own efforts, I continue to discover what I am capable of.”

– Amanda Stypul


Check out our full schedule of intimate Gentle Yoga and Easy Meditation classes. We are expert, mature and thoughtful instructors who care about you and your wellness goals!



We have a full offering of certification and personal-development Courses sharing Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation with proven results! Commit to a new or deeper study with our extraordinary support!

Get your yoga certification in London, Ontario through our courses found here. 

Learn and grow with us!

Ayurvedic Boutique Spa

Healing like you’ve never experienced before! Our vast range of treatments include Personalized Ayurvedic Oil Massage, Thai Yoga Massage or Pranic Marma Therapy! Yogesh’s in-depth training and experience provides results.


Workshops and Retreats

We love to explore, travel, create and have fun!  And when Nature is involved, even better!  Join us for our next Ayurvedic cooking class, inspiring workshop or world-wide pilgrimage adventure!

There is so much de-light AT THE CORE!

Words of Gratitude

“As an executive with a large multinational I know that sometimes life is complicated. The compassion and skill with which Shankari & Yogesh deliver information has enabled me to internalize and apply the learnings to the benefit of my health and the well-being of my family. Thanks!”

– Helen W (Toronto ON)


“6 weeks ago I was truly in a different place and now I feel like a different person. I feel more motivated, experience less fatigue and less headaches.”

– Tobin (St. Thomas ON)

“The teachings and support from AT THE CORE have been life altering for me and I experience more happiness now than I ever thought possible. With Shankari and Yogesh’s inspiring guidance I feel supported in all aspects of my life!”

– Lisa M (London ON)

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Gentle Yoga

Sleep better!
Increase flexibility and strength!
Reduce aches and pains.
Feel Happier!

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Calm a stressed, anxious, or frustrated mind. Reduce anger, depression and anxiety. Alleviate insomnia!
Feel Calmer!

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Reduce migraines, allergies, digestive complaints, elimination problems. Heal menstrual imbalances and PMS. Book a Healing Treatment!

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