Top 3 Kitcharee Recipe Trouble-Shooting Tips

At the foundation of most traditional cultures is a nourishing meal of rice (or grain) with beans or lentils.  The India inspired wisdom of Ayurveda shares kitcharee.  A dish of rice and split yellow mung dal with digestive supporting spices and ghee (clarified butter).

Here is our favourite Kitchari Recipe to support your gut cleanse with Ayurveda.

Here are a few reasons why kitcharee (or kitchari) is a safe, cleansing and nourishing option for your next one day, one week or one month cleanse.

  • Kitcharee is very easy to make.
  • It is hearty and satisfying as the combination of rice and dal beans creates a complete protein. The herbs and spices add flavour and the ghee nourishes.
  • It is very cost effective with just a few easy to source ingredients.
  • And it is fun and creative with its unlimited variations using herbs, spices and seasonal ingredients.

Sometimes for those who are new to kitcharee there can be some common challenges or discomfort.  But these struggles can be easily addressed with a few simple trouble-shooting tips.

Rinse Well

If you find you are feeling intestinal discomfort after eating kitcharee, it is often due to not rinsing the rice and split yellow mung dal well enough.

Simplest is to place the rice and dal (you can rinse them together) in a mesh strainer that fits inside another bowl and then fill the bowl with water, giving a few good stirs with your hand.  Then pour off the water.  Continue doing this until the water runs clear.  Yup, clear.  It will take a few minutes.

Spice Well

Kitcharee is a simple yet masterful combination of grain, legume, oil and spices.  Everything the body needs for nourishment in the easiest way for the body to digest.  But the right combination for each person is a creative art which unfolds through practice.

It is our experience that in western cooking we can be a bit skimpy with adding herbs and spices to a meal (though we tend to compensate with processed hot sauce, ketchup or mustard).

If you have rinsed your rice and dal well and are still experiencing gas, bloating or digestive heaviness when eating kitcharee you need to up the spices.  It is almost impossible to have too much fresh ginger, cumin seed, coriander seed and fennel seed.

Even with the effects of travel, we always find our digestion is better when we are in India eating the generously spiced fare.  The Ayurvedic herbal wisdom from India of well spiced food to support digestion is time-tested and proven through experience.

Chew Well

In our culture of dinner in front of the TV or excessive talking during meals, we have often lost the understanding of mindful awareness while eating.  And as kitcharee is of a soft consistency we can often scarf it down without paying much attention.

The digestive enzymes of the mouth are an integral first step in the digestive and elimination processes.   And in Ayurvedic medicine and the science of the six tastes, being consciously aware of the flavours in what we eat is a key component in absorbing the deeper nourishment from our diet.

Take your time to chew your food, (yes even kitcharee) and you will notice the effects through more easy and effective digestion and elimination.

A meal prepared for a kitchari cleanse

Harnessing the Elemental Power of Ayurvedic Wisdom through Kitchari

Ayurvedic Healing is based on the cumulative effective of your daily choices. Not only is kitcharee an ideal choice for an easy and nourishing cleanse, but it is also a valuable additional to a healthy everyday Ayurvedic lifestyle.  And by bringing greater attention to the power of water through rinsing well, fire through digestive supporting spices and air through the the power of awareness you will elevate the purifying and rejuvenating support of your kitcharee experience.

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