Who Should Study Ayurvedic Healing?

So, you’re considering taking an Ayurvedic Medicine training and wonder how all that traditional knowledge could be useful in daily life.  Here is how such an investment of effort, time and money can benefit you, your family and community.

Ayurvedic Self-Care (and Family Support)

Studying Ayurveda just for yourself is the ideal place to begin.  Through practicing the knowledge in the schoolroom of your very own life, you gain valuable direct perception of the teachings.  Personal practice also affords you the added benefits of the meaningful healing that Ayurveda inevitably unfolds.  

You also can gain valuable experience through practicing Ayurvedic diagnosis with your family.  Practicing observation, tongue, pulse and touch diagnosis you can begin to share simple, and valuable lifestyle recommendations of diet, herbals, exercise and colour therapy to support the holistic wellness of your family.

Family Support Through Ayurvedic Healing

Ayurveda and the Natural World

Ayurveda is a fascinating study for the nature lover and outdoor enthusiast.  Broadening your understanding of the relationship between health and the qualities, rhythms, and cycles of nature, deepens not only your appreciation for the wonder and beauties of the Earth, but strengthens personal energy, peace of mind and immunity.

Sharing Ayurvedic Consultations 

The Ayurvedic Healing Course offers a strong foundation of comprehensive Ayurvedic knowledge around personal constitution (prakriti), current state of imbalance (vrikriti) and the six stages of disease.  Using this knowledge along with the science of the three doshas (mind/body humours), seven dhatus (bodily tissues) and srotamsi (systems of the body) creates an excellent framework for you to begin to share Ayurveda with others.

Learning to explore the lifestyle recommendations of Ayurvedic Cooking, Ayurvedic Herbals, Doshic specific breathing practices, Colour Therapy, Aroma Therapy, Marma Therapy, Mantra and Meditation creates a full and integrated buffet of options in your natural first-aid kit.

Ayurveda for Body Workers, Healers, and Health Care Practitioners

For those already in the field of health and wellness, Ayurveda is an ideal addition to your toolkit of healing modalities.  Doctors, Yoga Teachers, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Herbalist, Massage Therapists and Osteopaths can all benefits from the study of Ayurveda.

Deepening your client practice with the time tested, traditional modality of Ayurvedic Healing allows a greater opportunity for you to share natural, preventative medicine that specifically addresses the daily choices and lifestyle routines that contribute to imbalance, stress, strain and disease.  Learning to diagnose the specific mind/body type of your client and make simple personalized recommendations shifts healing from symptom focused to effective long-term preventative care for each individual.

Pulse being checked for Ayurvedic Healing

A Pre-Requisite for Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Certification

For those interested in offering Ayurvedic Therapy through personalized Yoga Asana, Massage, Marma Therapy, Pranayama and Meditation, the study of Ayurvedic Healing is a profound support base of knowledge.  And learning how to offer the knowledge through practical application for healing and meaningful change with clients is a special gift.

Each year we accept a small group of Ayurvedic Healing Course graduates into our advanced Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Certification program for personalized mentoring on how to offer individual Therapy sessions for your clients.

A Thriving Ayurveda Community

Whether you are a nature lover, wellness enthusiast or healing practitioner, sharing such passions with like-minded community uplifts your study, strengthens your practice and deepens your experience.  

We can all benefit from positive associations, friends and guides along our path of life and becoming part of a meaningful Ayurvedic Community helps to add inspiration, motivation and accountability to your study.


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