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Ayurveda “the health-care system of Yoga”, is the world’s most ancient, comprehensive and natural preventative mind and body wellness. It is recognized by the World Health Organization.

Ok, let’s break it down…


Understanding appropriate personalized routines of diet, exercise and lifestyle is easy, natural and efficient!


Using the power of common everyday herbs and spices to strengthen immunity and detoxify. 


Focusing on simple changes in everyday choices of diet and routine.  You are what you eat; and how and when you eat it!  Expensive tests or supplements are not necessary to experience change!


Ayurveda works!  Keeping it clear, simple and manageable is the most effective natural medicine!

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Warm Words

“I want to say how much I have appreciated your Ayurveda Course. I think you do a super job of presenting the material and of handling the reactions to it, giving plenty of time to all questions and concerns without deviating from your over-all plan. I especially like the room for humour and rueful confessions, and I congratulate you both on creating such a positive and fun mood. Many thanks!”

– Sally V, London ON


The Value of an Experienced and Educated Guide!

We each share over 15 years of practical expert experience in the study and application of Ayurveda. We don’t just tell you what to do, but WHY you should do it and explain HOW it will help! Understanding leads to real healing!

Words of Gratitude

“It was such a blessing to find such wonderful, knowledgeable and caring teachers in Shankari and Yogesh.  After taking the Ayurvedic Healing Course, I felt I had acquired the knowledge of the universe and had finally learned the truth about life.  Immediately after that I took the 250 hour Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Course.  What an amazing experience! Time spent with AT THE CORE has transformed my daily life and helped me be a more knowledgeable mother and human!  Eternally grateful, always.”

Liz Raymond

Ayurveda is not a religion!
At the foundation of all ancient cultures you’ll find a natural system of health-care related to the Earth and the Elements.

Ayurveda is not questionable!
Results are undeniable when you follow the recommendations.

Ayurveda is not expensive!
Simple practices that uncover and address root problems are more effective than struggling to try and alleviate problem symptoms.

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Extraordinary Support

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Our dedicated community of students and clients prove our effective and lasting results. See for yourself how meaningful change is possible AT THE CORE!