What to Wear to Yoga Class?

Are “Yoga Clothes” stopping you from doing Yoga?

From strong feelings about expensive top brands in yoga-wear to the body-conscious and general discomfort in wearing snug or revealing clothes, “I don’t have the right clothes” or ” I won’t wear those clothes” is something we hear a lot from people when talking about why they don’t do (or like) yoga.

Yoga does not require Lululemon!

While this may seem obvious, in real life it can feel quite a bit different.  With the rising popularity of yoga, it’s easy to understand how trends and expensive fashion can lead to this association.  There’s no doubt it can be uncomfortable to walk into a room where everyone else is dressed in a particular way and you’re not.   Even if you don’t particularly like the clothes, it can leave you feeling intimidated and overwhelmed (similarly for me with designer jeans, Polo shirts and jelly sandals…but this is not my high school memoir).

Yoga doesn’t have to be uncomfortable!

Worse, perhaps while worried about how to do the poses and keep up in class, you’re also mentally calculating how you’re going to work towards gathering the right wardrobe.  It can be enough of a frustration to give up and not come to a second class.

Yoga has never been about the wardrobe.

The practice of Yoga Asana (yoga poses) predates the leotard and leggings, the leg-warmers, the track suits, sports bras, tights and even Lululemon!  What these trends have in common is that they are intended for ease of movement and offer the promise of comfort. However, if those are the criteria of yoga-wear, it stands to reason that a good pair of pyjamas would also do the trick.

So, what do you actually wear to a yoga class?

What to wear to yoga class

Dressing for Yoga class is easier than it seems.

  1. Wear something comfortable to class, and see how you feel.
  2. If it works, wear the same thing next time.
  3. If it doesn’t, try something else from your closet.

Gentle Yoga is to increase comfort and ease!

The purpose of a Yoga Asana class is to enjoy some time, space for a practice that allows for gentle movement of the body, connection with the breath and quieting of the mind.  Comfort and ease in the space where you practice is far more important than what you wear to practice.  So if your feelings about yoga-wear has stopped you from attending yoga classes, why not put on your comfy clothes and see if it changes your experience?

Ready to give it a try?

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