Alleviate Pain with Good Posture!

By the end of the week, does it feel like your shoulders are up around your ears?

Or, maybe there’s a persistent pain in your neck or ache in your arms?

Is Your Chronic Pain Related to Posture?

If you spend long hours working in front of a computer or on your phone, sitting in a chair (or driving in your car), or relaxing on the couch, it could be the pain and discomfort you’re experiencing is related to your spinal posture.

Tips to relieve a sore neck

Try this Simple Posture Diagnosis!

  • Stand with your back facing the wall.
  • Allow your hips to rest against the wall
  • Bring your feet so that they’re a few inches away from the wall and about hips’ width apart
  • Now, allow your shoulder to rest against the wall.

How does this feel?

  • ❌ Are you straining to rest your shoulder on the wall…?
  • ❌ Is there is a pulling sensation at your neck…?
  • ❌ Did you decide to stay sitting and not try it at all….?

Your Posture Will Benefit from a bit of Support!

Upper body tension, strain and pain (including headaches and insomnia) is the number one complaint we hear about in our yoga classes and Ayurvedic massage studio.

And you are not alone!

The fact is, most of us have spent years in front of a screen and with our hands busily working on a keyboard or device. This position has the effect of rounding our upper back and shoulders while we extend our chin and head forward. This improper posture results in chronic migraines, jaw strain, thyroid issues, neck, shoulder and back pain.

How to Loosen Things up Immediately?

  • Take breaks! A little movement, including some shaking can improve circulation and boost your energy. It’s a great way to relax any building muscle tension.
  • Sit up straight!  At the risk of sounding like your mother, a proper sitting position is actually a really great way to reset your body alignment.  The use of a seat cushion, a pillow to support the lower back and a foot rest can also be ways of supporting good alignment.
  • A consistent yoga asana practice will help to keep the body strong, supple and in good alignment.
  • Incorporating regular self-massage or Ayurvedic treatments into your schedule will go a long way to reducing the impact of poor posture as well as undo any knots and strain that create tension and pain.

Remove pain with good posture

Try this Easy Home Practice!

As with anything, change takes time! 

But with a little patience, perseverance and practice, you should experience some relief!  You will even find that any lack of energy, digestive upset or tiredness you’ve been feeling begins to relax and release as well. #wellworththeeffort!

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Part 2 • Easy Tip to to RELAX Muscles
Part 3 • How to REALIGN Spinal Posture
Part 4 • RESET for Immediate Benefits


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