The Benefits of Taking a Deep Breath

We could all use a pause throughout the day.

Taking a few mindful deep breaths is simply doing just that… pressing pause!

Whether we need to feel calm and grounded, to feel connected or to simply refresh our mindset taking a few deep breaths will surely benefit you.

Taking a deep breath will hep to slow down the overthinking mind, increase mind-body connection and refresh the senses onto the present moment.

When we pause to take a deep breath we invite our mind’s attention downward, acting as an anchor.

Often throughout the day, we can get so caught up in thoughts, ideas and feelings that the overthinking mind is non-stop. When we pause to take a deep breath we invite the mind’s awareness to move downward from thinking, into the breath. The anchor of the breath will naturally help to ground and calm the mind.

With the mind now united with the breath the mind-body connection will begin to enhance.

Through the awareness of the physical experience of breathing we naturally begin to breath deeper and fuller.

  • We feel the belly soften as the lungs fill deeper.
  • We feel the subtle widening and lifting of the rib cage.
  • We perhaps can feel the coolness of air moving in and the warmth of air flowing out.

This awareness of the tactile experience of our physical movements during each breath, brings a sense of connection between the mind and body.

Once our mind and physical awareness is connected with the breath, the senses are naturally drawn inward as well.

Benefits of Deep Breathing

Each full and deep breath, when done with awareness, allows external stimuli to begin to fade away. After a few deep breaths the mind and senses are refreshed onto the present moment of its experience and feeling clear and anew.

Whether you need to feel refreshed, connected or grounded throughout your day taking pause to take a few deep breaths will certainly benefit you.

You hold the power of each moment within each breath; a power that is amplified by an awareness and intention when you take a deep breath!


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