Making Friends with Herbs

Once, during a car ride to school, our 3 1/2 year old son complained of an upset tummy.  School was brand new for him, and we suspected a bit of nerves as the cause.  Usually, we would offer him a bit of fennel to chew for such a complaint.  Fennel has a lovely way to calm and soothe an anxious or stressed belly.  But we didn’t have any with us.


After a moment’s contemplation it dawned upon me that we didn’t need the actual fennel for him to benefit from it’s therapeutic actions. 

Max knew what fennel tasted like and had already cultivated trust that what was given to him would help.

So I asked him to close his eyes.  And put out his hand….

“Imagine I’m putting a bit of fennel seeds in your hand Max.  Can you feel it”, I asked.

“Yes”, he replied.

“Ok, great!  Now pop it into your mouth.  Can you taste it?”


And that was that.  I said nothing else.  We got to school and off he ran.  He had tapped into the healing energetics of fennel through the power of feel and taste.  His mind, his heart and his body were familiar with this herbal ally.  Max and fennel were friends and the healing benefits were accessible to him, even without the physical presence of the herb.

Using an Herb Without the Herb

How can this work?  How can we benefit from the Therapeutic Actions ➤ of an herbal without the herb actually being present?

Especially when the complaint is mild or nervous (like our example above), the subtle energy of the herbal “memory” living within us can unfold the therapeutic action, as nerves and memory are intimately related within our consciousness.

All of Nature (including humans and including plants) has a subtle wisdom and energetic connection.  The more we build our relationship with an herbal through our senses (what it looks like, tastes like, feels like, smells like etc.) and through our own actual experience, the more our trust, faith and love for the herb will grow.

Even now as a teenager, fennel is one of the strongest herbal allies in Max’s life.  Fennel is a great digestive support and we keep a bowl of the seeds with some candied fennel in our kitchen.  And you will often find Max popping a few seeds on his way by.  The relationship grows….

Herbs for Healing
How to Build Strong Herbal Relationships

Taking your time to get to know a few herbs well is more powerful than using a vast selection of herbal mixes and teas with many ingredients.

The healing power of the herb grows with the strength of your relationship. 

Pick an herb to study, and learn about how it grows.  Take some time to get familiar with its taste, qualities and energetic properties through your own personal experience.  Cook with the herb, study it in nature, meditate on it’s flavour and form.  Experiment, play and have fun!  With time you will find the herbal whispering to you it’s secrets and you will discover creative and unique ways to experience the deeper herbal magic through uses you would not have previously considered.

As your herbal relationships grow, the herbs will unfold mystical teachings to you, your confidence will blossom and you can naturally learn how to become your family’s herbalist.

You’ll be amazed as you open up to the herbal kingdom, how the herbal kingdom opens up to you and other herbs come calling wanting to be your friend as well…..

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