Donald Trump, Winnie the Pooh and Yoda Walk into a Bar…

Seriously, that’s all the joke needs isn’t it? Well, that and just a tiny little bit of your imagination.

Can you just picture it?

Take a moment…. (Else, feel free to take a peak below.)

Can you hear Pooh, wondering if they have more honey behind the counter. Contemplating if he should try his first glass of mead? “Think, think, think…..” he ponders.

And Yoda, what would be his counsel? Pooh-Bear, stop hemming and hawing over the mead, “Do or do not, there is no try!”

Finally, Donald… well of course, he’s being Donald. In all his ways of being bold and brash. Surely, suggesting it’s best for Pooh to return to the Hundred Acre Wood if he’s not satisfied with the mead? That Yoda would be better off on his home planet…

There is so much scope for delight here!

And perhaps, that is what we NEED more than anything else right now. A solid dose of “let’s not take it too seriously, eh!”. #canadian

Trump, Winnie the Pooh and Yoda

Things have gotten a bit HEAVY.

Ayurvedic healing rests on the simple yet profound insight that if like increases like, then opposites will bring balance. You know, like how you can get hot and bothered if you spend too much time in the sun. Or can feel even more dull and tired if you over-sleep. So, if we’re feeling dark and dismal (or dis-mayed, dis-appointed, dis-gusted) than a powerful natural medicine is to simply increase the opposite quality.

We need some LIGHT!

To overcome heavy, simply increase the light. The lightness of heart experienced through keeping a sense of humour is a valuable tool during dis-turbing times.

And a SMILE 🙂 is a profound and contagious “medicine”. Not only is a smile cost effective, you’ll find it always on-hand (or face ;). And when done with sincerity, a smile will literally lighten your brain chemistry, creating a shift from dark and heavy to clear and calm, bright and light.

If we turn to the news, the media now-a-days, we may struggle to find anything to smile about…. But thankfully, impetus for smiles can be found all around. We can look to the peace and beauty of nature, the face of a loved-one, the hilarity of a fond memory. We can turn to the situations of our life with a light-hearted attitude and strive to find the joy in the everyday. Or, we can sit back, put our feet up and take a moment to imagine what would ensue if Donald Trump, Yoda and Winnie-the-Pooh walked into a bar…..

Happily ~ Shankari

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