5 Ways of Enjoy-Mint 🌿

Mint practically grows itself!

Mint is a perennial herb which is fragrant, prolific, and full of flavour.

There are a vast variety of mints but you can easily tell if they are a mint family member by checking out their square stem.

Mint requires minimal care but you are wise to keep them in containers because they send out horizontal runners and underground rhizomes and will quickly spread throughout the garden. If you are interested in sharing with a friend, simply take a 6 inch cutting, place in a glass of water and the roots will appear in no time, an instant develop-mint 😂.

Frequent harvesting is the key to keeping mint at its best.  You can cut the stems to one inch above the ground (one plant can be gathered two or three times each season) or just pick the leaves as needed.

But, what do you do when you have more mint on your hands than you know what to do with?

We’ve got 5 awesome ways to ENJOY!

1. Add to your favourite drink for a lively boost.

Whole, chopped or muddled, mint is a great addition to iced or hot tea, juice, lemonade, hot chocolate….the options are endless.

2. Chew a few leaves to freshen your breath (just do a mirror check to ensure there is nothing stuck in your teeth 😂).

Mint activates the salivary glands which, in effect, rinses the mouth and neutralizes odours.

3. Add to your fruit salad for a zingy punch of flavour.

One of our favourites is fresh strawberries, blueberries, a handful of chopped mint, a squeeze of lemon or lime, and a bit of maple syrup. Yummy to the extreme!

4. Add finely chopped to your butter to fancy up your lunchtime sandwiches.

Mix minced mint (say that three times fast 😂) into softened butter. Use on your sandwich immediately or form into a log, wrap in wax paper, refrigerate, then slice and place on a pretty plate to serve with a crusty baguette.

5. Add sprigs to your freshly picked bouquets, the greenery and fragrance enhances the beautiful blooms.

Mint grows quickly and abundantly with long stems covered in gorgeous leaves making this a perfect accent in your vase.

BONUS….And while we are on a roll….here’s yet another way to use mint, Fabulous Simple Syrup.

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