This little light of mine….

I have a confession to make (sorry dear husband)…

I am having a beautiful and profound relationshipwith my Diya.

A Diya is an Indian oil lamp that is lit whenever I am home. To me, it is the representation of both the inner and outer flame of enlightenment. By consciously lighting and tending my Diya daily, I have come to understand and remember my own internal light and the energy of the Divine.

… I’m going to let it shine….

The flame is perhaps the most obvious part of the Diya. Outwardly, the flame represents light and bringing light to the darkness. There cannot be darkness when the flame is present. Even the smallest light can provide a glow in the blackest of spaces. It is a physical and metaphorical guide.

To me, the flame also illustrates inspiration, warmth, wisdom and strength. There is a comforting presence to the heat and light of the flame. It is imperative to have respect for the flame as it can also burn and destroy.

The flame is an agent of transcendence, cleansing and purification.

While the Diya characterizes so much to me as an outward symbol, the most important aspect of the flame is as a reflection of my inner Self. It serves as a reminder of the unity of the Self with the Divine.

When I reflect on my Diya, I reflect upon the light of the Self that lives within my heart. It is the foundation for everything. The flame of my Diya has become synonymous with my journey of Self-inquiry.

The anchor points of my day are the lighting and extinguishing of the Diya.

It is a mindful, conscious ritual that I embrace every day. It is a pause and allows for a short moment of reflection amid the busyness of life. As the Diya burns over the day I must be aware of the level of oil and the state of the wick. Too much or too little oil, too long or too short a wick all impact the quality of the flame.

Again, this is a metaphor for Self.

I must remember to be vigilant in taking care of my inner flame and ensuring it has a good quality vessel, the best fuel and wick in order for me to shine as brightly as possible. In this cultivation of my flame I have also strengthened my relationship with the Divine.

What you put your attention on grows. I have chosen to put my attention on my Diya—this little light of mine has cultivated illumination, radiance, wisdom, grace and ultimately Divinity in my life.

It’s not such a little light after all!!

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