How the Healing Power of MANTRA helped Yogesh after his face hit the asphalt!

What was the first thing Yogesh did after he went flying over the handlebars?

Well, unfortunately it was to smash his face into the ground and then crash-roll for a bit, breaking his elbow!

But, you may be surprised by what came next….

The healing power of Mantra

Many years before, our teachers had taught us a particular mantra for healing. The subtle vibration of this mantra increases the power of Prana and cultivates a strength of calm and energy. And after realizing he had been in a biking accident, this was the first thing that Yogesh did, be began to think the mantra.

Now keep in mind, anything you think is a mantra. All thoughts are a play of subtle vibrations. Some habitual thoughts are cold and contracting concerns of fear and anxiety, some are agitating, stimulating frustrations, worries and judgements and others are heavy, depressing boulders. The particular thought or mantra, that Yogesh began, carried the healing vibration of strength, calm and increased Prana.

Healing Power of Mantra display

How did this help him….?

  • His trust in the mantra gave him a focus for his mind and an increased capacity to deal with the pain. (Other than the local anesthetic they used when stiching up his nose, he took no pain medication as a result of this incident.)
  • The calming effect of the mantra allowed him to maintain his composure and not panic. Being calm helped reduced the amount of blood loss. At the hospital they were amazed with his lack of elevated blood pressure.
  • The increased Prana (life-force energy) supported the healing process. Throughout the the recovery for his broken elbow, the doctors were amazed at the speed of Yogesh’s recovery. And to this day (8 years later) Yogesh has no lingering symptoms or side-effects from the accident (other than a cute little scar on his nose).

The practice of mantra is a consistent study and training of meaningful, positive thought. And through that established, disciplined practice, Yogesh was able to immediately settle into higher vibrations during a painful situation. In a similar circumstances, what would your first thought have been….?

A most practical everyday tool

Not only is mantra easy and convenient to apply, cost-effective to practice, and non-denominational, as a subtle vibrational medicine it has a depth of applications that can support and uphold all aspects of life. If you water the roots, it will benefit all parts of the tree.

And you don’t have to wait for an accident to see the results. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often experience situations where our blood pressure rises, our focus is challenged and we suffer with pain. And we’ve all had days, where it can seem like you’ve just been dashed upon the concrete.

So what to do…?

Be mindful of the thoughts you choose and see what benefits you experience in everyday life!

Mantra Healing Power

Interested in learning more about mantra?

  • Seek out a practiced teacher. Mantra is an ART and SCIENCE. An experienced guide is invaluable!
  • We love the book Mantra Yoga and Primal Sound by Dr. David Frawley.

As an interesting/gruesome side-note, Yogesh’s accident happened just outside of our home. And for years afterwards, our young son would take all company on a short but unforgettable tour to see the dinner-plate sized blood stain on the pavement….. #boyswillbeboys


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