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Our highly effective courses incorporate compelling knowledge with experiential based learning from expert instructors.  This magical combination cultivates a powerful experience with proven results.

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Our students share how AMAZED they are by the ease, convenience and meaningful content of our ONLINE Classroom. A practical and accessible option for learning something new, increasing self-care and having a bit of fun at your own pace and at your convenience with beautiful, organized and impressive content.




In-person Study

Join us in our home studio Classroom for personal development or to earn a certification qualifying you to share the wonders of Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation with your community! Our in-person classes are a nurturing and delightful break from the rigours of everyday, as you immerse yourself in meaningful teachings, scrumptious nourishment and uplifting community!

Ayurvedic Healing Course / Starting May 2020

Meditation and the Mind / Starting June 2020

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Warm Words

)“I want to say how much I have appreciated the (Ayurveda Fundamentals 1.0) Course. I think you do a super job of presenting the material and of handling the reactions to it, giving plenty of time to all questions and concerns without deviating from your over-all plan. I especially like the room for humour and rueful confessions, and I congratulate you both on creating such a positive and fun mood. Many thanks and all the best,”

– Sally V (London ON)

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Unplugging your Period!

Unplugging your Period!

Every month when my period would arrive I would cringe with despair. I felt embarrassed! I used to only use the upstairs bathroom of my family’s two-story house. I had to be as...

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