Reduce Stress with Meditation

Why Meditation?

Increase calm and peace of mind.
Decrease mental anxiety, stress and strain.
Sleep better and increase energy.
Tired of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, upset and exhausted?

Meditation will help!

Understanding Mental Digestion | with Shankari Van Acker
Hear how we explain to a teenager the benefits of taking a break from mental stimulation (TV, music, video games, social media).  It works for grown-ups too 😉

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Meditation & the Mind

Meditation Moments in Everyday Life

This 4 week sessions teaches how to experience an increase of CALM, CLARITY and ENERGY even if you don’t have the time or energy to Meditate.  Learn how and when to access Moments of Meditation at home, work, in relationships and any challenging situation!  All details here >

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A compassionate coach in your corner

Professional Meditation Experts

We each have 15+ years of experience studying, practicing and teaching Meditation. We are dedicated students of Meditation, prioritizing regular time with our Teachers to deepen our practice and expertise. And we use that extensive experience to offer a variety of Meditation classes to best suit YOU!

Meditation Moments


Warm Words About AT THE CORE Meditation

After 4 weeks…

“By taking the Meditation and the Mind class, I have developed a practice that has helped with managing my stress and lowering my blood pressure.  I highly recommend this class for anyone wishing to regain some calm and clarity.”

– Helen I, London ON

After 6 months…

“Yogesh has taken me to a deeper level of serenity, peace and happiness in life. If your goal is to live a happier longer and healthy life I highly recommend learning
Meditation with Yogesh.”

– Clark Home, London ON

After 5 years…

“Meditation for me has been imperative. It has allowed me to ground myself and be present in each moment. I cannot imagine my life without it. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful teachers as Yogesh and Shankari. Their support and guidance through learning Meditation and afterwards has been essential to me being successful in continuing my daily meditation practice.”

– Dianne Crosetta, Port Elgin ON

After 10 years…

“I began my Meditation practice with AT THE CORE many years ago and I know it saved my life. The practice helped me recover from anguishing, depressing events in my life. Where I was once unemployed, alone and hurt, I now have a fulfilling job, am surrounded by supportive friends and have experienced such healing love I never knew existed. I attribute all this to my Meditation practice as it deepens my connection with Nature and the Universe. Shankari and Yogesh have provided continual guidance and support, which are integral to my well-being. Your teachings and compassion help me to be the person I want to be and to live my life in the most satisfying way. Much love and light!”

– Tannis R, Belmont ON

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