Me and My Diya

Me and My Diya

This little light of mine…. I have a confession to make (sorry dear husband)… I am having a beautiful and profound relationshipwith my Diya. A Diya is an Indian oil lamp that is lit whenever I am home. To me, it is the representation of both the inner and outer...
Unplugging your Period!

Unplugging your Period!

Every month when my period would arrive I would cringe with despair. I felt embarrassed! I used to only use the upstairs bathroom of my family’s two-story house. I had to be as far away from any other person so I could to do my best to quietly open the cupboard and...
ONLINE TALKBalance Your Digestion with Kim Fulton

Digestive Power = Natural Immunity

MONDAY MARCH 29th 7:00-8:30pm (est)
This awesome workshop includes...

➤ Easy Digestion Diagnosis Worksheet
➤ Tips Handout for Supporting Digestion
➤ Live Class & Access to Video Recording

ONLINE TALKLearn which foods are ideal to nourish your main bodily tissues!


Ayurveda and the Dhatus!

➤ Includes handy-dandy food list
➤ Live talk and recorded video

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