Hearty Minestrone Soup

Hearty Minestrone Soup

PRINT • DOWNLOAD AS PDF   Minestrone is a traditional Italian soup. It has a thick, almost stew-like, consistency composed of seasonal ingredients and whatever leftovers you might find in your pantry. This warm, hearty, delicious soup is easy to make and can be...
Making Herbal Syrups

Making Herbal Syrups

As the wonders of the summer season begin to unfold, so too do the delights of our gardens, local farms, farmer’s markets, and neighbourhood trails.  Among the seasonal berries and veggies, you’ll find a lovely range of aromatic and floral herbs making their...
Me and My Diya

Me and My Diya

This little light of mine…. I have a confession to make (sorry dear husband)… I am having a beautiful and profound relationshipwith my Diya. A Diya is an Indian oil lamp that is lit whenever I am home. To me, it is the representation of both the inner and outer...
ONLINE TALKBalance Your Digestion with Kim Fulton

Digestive Power = Natural Immunity

MONDAY MARCH 29th 7:00-8:30pm (est)
This awesome workshop includes...

➤ Easy Digestion Diagnosis Worksheet
➤ Tips Handout for Supporting Digestion
➤ Live Class & Access to Video Recording

ONLINE TALKLearn which foods are ideal to nourish your main bodily tissues!


Ayurveda and the Dhatus!

➤ Includes handy-dandy food list
➤ Live talk and recorded video

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