Does this sound like you?

For many of us, our yoga practice is something we go out to do.  As we head in to the studio, mat tucked under our arm we eagerly await the teacher to guide our movement, breath and awareness so that we can reach that calm, peaceful relaxation we feel and experience by the end.  Aahhhhh…….

You may love yoga because there is no equipment required.  Perhaps you love the space and quietness of the yoga studio.  Maybe it’s the calm and assuring voice of the yoga teacher?  Your practice of Yoga may include attending classes but there is something deeply profound and transformational that happens when you cultivate your own practice.

Cultivating a home yoga practice = Even greater benefits!

Guided by your own awareness and inspiration, you can experience a sense of calm, release tension and improve your level of energy.  All it takes is an understanding of the foundation, some practice and the support of a great teacher.  Once you’ve established the foundation of your own home yoga practice, you will be changed by the experience.

Over the years, we’ve heard the many reasons people don’t do yoga at home.  So, if you’ve been hesitant to build or strengthen your own home yoga practice, here’s some new ways to think about it.

Knowledge + Foundations = Confidence!

The number one reason people don’t practice yoga at home is lack of confidence of what to do or how to do it properly.

Like anything new, you need to start at the beginning.  Establishing a home yoga practice doesn’t mean you’re just following along to a video or zoom class (even if you’re doing this a lot and working hard!).  You may be establishing a new habit or routine, but you may be still missing out on the foundational elements and key benefits of the pose.  Worse, you could end up doing the pose incorrectly or even hurting yourself.   Imagine for a moment that you’re building bookcases.  Even the very best IKEA assemblers know you start by building the boxes or foundation of the bookcase.  Despite their expertise and no matter how complex the bookcase, you never start with the doors and handles – it always starts with the foundation.  The power of yoga isn’t a matter of being able to do complicated or intense poses.  Whether you’re a beginner or have been going to yoga classes for years, it’s doing the poses appropriately and with good intention.  It starts simply and with a strong foundation.

Practice + Exploration = Experience!

We often hear “I need a class!  I don’t know what to do on my own”

There is a lovely wisdom that comes through playful exploration.  With a foundation of knowledge and some space for practice, you gain so much more insight than if you simply memorize a bit of information.  This is the power of experience!  When you learn to do something for yourself, even out of necessity, the wisdom and knowledge of it becomes part of you.  We love the saying, “once you know, you can’t un-know…” because the truth of it is that you’ve changed for having a knowledge or awareness of it.   After practising building bookcases you know instinctively what to do if things get a little wobbly or the fit isn’t quite right.  You modify and adjust based on what you need.  When you’ve developed a home yoga practice that is based on an experience of the fundamentals, you’re able to shift and adapt the practice based on your internal wisdom.   You are intuitively guided to make adjustments based on your own practice and experience.  And even if you do attend a yoga class, like fixing the wobble in the shelf, your inner wisdom guides you and allows you to understand how to adjust things to work best for you.

Knowledge + Experience + Compassion = Teacher!

The other common statement we hear is “I need guidance and support” 

It can be challenging to get started on something new if you are still searching for reliable, relatable, and trusted instruction.  You can end up dabbling from place to place but never feeling confident or capable in any of your efforts.  Ultimately, you likely just give up.  But when you find that great resource you suddenly feel inspired and confident to keep going and even to try new things.  You’re comfortable that if something doesn’t happen quite as you expect, you’ll know where to turn to for guidance or reassurance.   With the right teacher, you become connected to the knowledge and experience of their lineage.  This is quite a different experience from someone who recites information or knowledge from memory – like the difference between someone telling you how to build a bookcase and getting your hands on the instruction sheet for yourself.  You tap in to that that direct connection that has been refined and perfected over many, many experiences.

You could do a yoga class from your home every day.  There is no shortage of resources available for you to work on this daily habit.  Building your own home yoga practice, however, is not simply just a matter of following the instruction of others, it’s about finding guidance and wisdom from within.   It’s built on a foundation of knowledge, practice, and experiences, which flourishes with support and mentorship.

“Since I started my regular personal practice, I have come to realize that simple gentle movements open and clear out tension, improve energy and are more profound in many ways than intense practices and trying too hard. My experience has progressed naturally into my own home yoga practice.”

~Yogesh Van Acker


Still think you can’t develop and cultivate your own home yoga practice?  Just like opening that flat-packed box that promises to become your new set of bookcases, we believe it’s just matter of knowing where to start.  A good foundation, followed by some practice and experience and a good time-tested set of instructions and you’re off to the races. Your ability to create ease, release tension and improve your energy will soar beyond anything you find following along in a class.  You can experience the profound difference of transformation when your motivation and inspiration comes from within.

Are you ready to get started?  A great first step is to begin simply.  Why not unroll your mat and try an easy pose or two.  Start with 5 or 10 minutes a day and see how you feel after a week.  Want to level up?  Connect with a teacher for some personal coaching.  This is a great way to tap in to their experience while getting some guidance and support as you establish your new routine.  Our Wellness Educators At The Core ►are happy to help…just drop us a line.

Also, our STRENGTHEN YOUR OWN HOME YOGA PRACTICE ► is a great next step!  This 4-week program teaches proven methods to help you develop and self-modify your personal yoga practice, even if you’re feeling tired, uninspired, insecure or unsure of what to do.


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